“Matthew Laifer discovered me in a small place theater in Italy in 1987. He started to promote my career and nurtured me in every aspect. He was not only my manager but also my voice consultant. His advice in repertoire and picking the right opera houses were way beyond of a “normal” manager’s duty.
His knowledge of the business, his extremely high expectations and special talent to inspire people brought him quickly to the attention of the international opera scene.
Everybody on Matthew’s roster is nurtured and encouraged in the same way. Matthew, once he believes in his artists, will fight for them like no other manager I know until today.” – Marcello Giordani, an internationally renowned tenor

Matthew Laifer Artists Management regularly offers consultations.

Matthew Laifer: “In a consultation you are singing for my immediate and direct career advice and feedback on what I think your potential is as a performer (worldwide) within the business and world of opera. In this last year I took 3 artists onto my roster from my consultations after not having taken any for many years.

When I give a vocal consultation to a singer, I have a strong focus dedicated to understanding the artists voice and finding what repertoire is ideal for the artist. For me, the most important aspect of what an artist sings is that which will make the artist stand out as unique and that only he or she would sound this wonderful and special in this repertoire. And of course presumably that would be why they would be engaged to perform this repertoire! Every voice is different and though there is basically “one” technique, the way in which an artists presents what they are singing is extremely important and in my consultation, I make sure that from a technical standpoint, all is right…but of greater significance is how this sound produced makes you “feel” and understand the music. When artists, after working with me listen to what they have sung and worked on(and they should always record the session), only the can they understand the meaning of what I have done with them.

So I try my utmost to find exactly what makes their voice sound special and beautifully “theirs”. It’s a wonderful feeling for all when this happens.

I would be interested in hearing more singers, and for that purpose I am organizing a series of MASTERCLASSES.

The dates and timing will be TBA upon availability of Management and singers. I would be listening to 4-5 singers for each class. The cost is 125.00 EUR for approximately 30 minutes.

MASTERCLASSES usually take place in Midtown Manhattan and around the world.

Please contact me on my email,, to let me know your availability for any of these classes. Please notice that the participation in the MASTERCLASS is not an audition, but a work in progress. Also, I would like every singer to bring 4-5 arias.”

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Masterclass Fee for a 30 minute session is 125.00 EUR – you will receive the details on the particular requirements, address, and time via email.

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