Piehlmayer: Critical Acclaim


Nürnberger Symphoniker – Nov 1, 2015
“With guest conductor Rudolf Piehlmayer a brother was found in the spirit to Widmann. He, too, began as an award-winning clarinetist his young career to more and more turn to conducting the further course. The Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra followed him in Mozart’s early G minor symphony 25 with good-natured freshness. The work of the then 17-year-old is so wonderfully perfect as anything ever brought the Salzburg to paper. However Rousing got the 2nd Symphony of Beethoven with which he ended this evening. As here Beethoven accompanying ornamentation to a structure-forming element makes his composition, was just one of many intriguing design features that spread the Nürnberger Symphoniker here very nice.”
Peter Low, Nordbayern.de Nov 1, 2015

Lohengrin, Opéra de Rouen Haute Normandie
“The German conductor Rudolf Piehlmayer, born in Bavaria, was cheered loudly and rightly so. He gave the orchestra a great clarity with a warm and enveloping sound. He propels his musicians (68 in number) with rigor, and a sensitively balanced focus, and we note the quality of the brass section, especially congratulating the tuba!”
Andrè Junement, Publics de l’Opera de Rouen, May 14, 2015

Lohengin, Opéra de Rennes
“The last reason for satisfaction [with this production of Lohengrin], last but not least, is the excellence of the Symphony Orchestra of Brittany. Led by Rudolph Piehlmayer, OSB enchanted the audience with the quality of its sound. [Piehlmayer’s] results are comparable to those found in large German establishments. Two brass groups, skillfully placed in the boxes from each side of the stage, reverberate. The harp and timpani in the same configuration seem to juxtapose softness and strength. Of course, we are more attentive to the brass sections which are particularly vigorous – their brilliance gives us fulfillment.”
Thierry Martin, Musique, February 2, 2015

Prokofiev “Symphony Classique”, Beethoven “Eighth Symphony”: Orchesterakademie Ossiach
“From the beginning, [Rudolf] Piehlmayer demonstrated that he is one of those conductors who had the OAO orchestra quite firmly under control throughout and at the same time imbued it with a high artistic aura. An experienced conductor, he presented Prokofiev’s “Symphony Classique” with complete precision and a wonderful dancing lightness. And in Beethoven’s “Eighth”, he led the young musicians safely and dynamically. They succeeded to great acclaim.”
Klagenfurt, Austria, December 12, 2011