giordani_5_matthewlaiferMarcello Giordani, an internationally renowned tenor: “Matthew Laifer discovered me in a small place theater in Italy in 1987. He started to promote my career and nurtured me in every aspect. He was not only my manager but also my voice consultant. His advice in repertoire and picking the right opera houses were way beyond of a “normal” manager’s duty.
His knowledge of the business, his extremely high expectations and special talent to inspire people brought him quickly to the attention of the international opera scene.
Everybody on Matthew’s roster is nurtured and encouraged in the same way. Matthew, once he believes in his artists, will fight for them like no other manager I know until today.”

iva-kupresakIva Kuprešak, a mezzo-soprano, musicologist – founder and principal at music elementary and high school “Iva Kupresak” in Zagreb:

“I met Matthew some years ago when I was presented with an opportunity to sing for him at a consultation session. Right there and then, it was clear to me that I was lucky enough to be heard by an expert with an excellent ear and vast knowledge of opera repertoire, singing and the opera business itself. Advice and the information he provided helped me in finding my voice as an artist, as well as in directing my career towards the right path. Today, as a founder and dean of the Music institute in Croatia, it is clear to me that involvement of professionals such as Matthew in the educational process of young singers is of great value and importance for their development and success in the field of opera. Thus, I am excited and honored to commence our institution’s future collaboration with Matthew as I believe that our students and talented singers in Croatia and the rest of the region can benefit immensely from Matthew’s knowledge, experience and his dedication towards nurturing talent by guiding, supporting and propelling its growth.”

Lucas Tannous, opera artist, tenor: “In addition to being one of the opera world’s leading managers for over the last thirty years, Matthew Laifer has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the operatic voice. Matthew is one of the last opera managers who was actually at many of the performances of the greatest opera singers of the 20th century.”

Gianni Tangucci, a renowned artistic director of major Italian theaters including Opera di Roma, Arena di Verona, Teatro Comunale di Bologna, to name a few: “Of all the people that I have met and have worked with for these past 30 years, Matteo is an expert with an excellent ear and vast knowledge of opera repertoire, singing, and the opera business itself.”

Gianni Tangucci about Matthew Laifer

Willliam HicksWilliam Hicks, a Voice Coach, Pianist, Conductor at the Metropolitan Opera, 1995-2001,
BMG, New World, and Patria Records, Pianist/Repetiteur for Luciano Pavarotti, 1991-1996:

“As a voice coach, pianist, and conductor who has lived and worked in New York City during the past forty years, and has worked at The Metropolitan Opera and collaborated with some of the leading singers of our time, it gives me great pleasure to recommend to your attention Matthew Laifer as a consultant and artist manager. I have known Matthew for a long time, and am always impressed anew by his rare and uncanny ability to identify operatic voice types and then make spot on repertoire suggestions to singers who consult with him. There has been a plethora of misidentified voices among opera singers, and Matthew is a shining light of truth in a very confused time. His manner and attitude is always positive, upbeat, and respectful, and his knowledge of music and the current opera scene is highly impressive. I strongly recommend him to any opera singer wanting guidance in his career.”