Diva Alessandra Marc will perform at the Giacomini Gala on April 4th at Carnegie Hall (Zankel)

Alessandra Marc performed her first Elisabetta in Don Carlo in Bordeaux with Giuseppe Giacomini as her Don Carlo.  She sent a note to me a few months ago when she heard that I was going to present this gala and said that he was the greatest tenor and colleague with whom she ever worked!  I knew then that it was an absolute necessity for me to have Alessandra sing at this gala for Beppi!!!  After I extended the invitation to her to sing in this concert she wrote me the following note:

I have invited my friends and loyal fans to join me April 4th at Carnegie Hall,  as I unite with the Opera Orchestra of New York and Conductor, Eve Queler , to honor and celebrate the greatest Italian dramatic tenor of his generation , Giuseppe Giacomini!  In 1992,  I had the privilege and honor of sharing the stage in Bordeaux, France for my very first Queen of Spain in Don Carlo and the last time Giuseppe planned to perform in this opera.  Not only did I feel enormous gratitude for my sharing the stage with such world class colleague, but even more meaningful to me , was that  I soon realized that not only was this the greatest tenor & colleague I’d ever sung with, but he was and is , the finest caliber of human being I have ever had the honor & privilege of working with !!! To find such a tremendous talent who possesses the absolute finest character and integrity is , to say the least, very rare indeed !!!  I am especially honored and profoundly moved to be able to celebrate Giuseppe Giacomini in the finest concert venue in our country !!!

Alessandra is considered one of the great sopranos of our lifetime and will be performing her signature aria from Turandot, indeed one of Beppi’s signature operas.  Artists and opera lovers will gather to honor Italy’s greatest dramatic tenor of his generation indeed since the middle of the last century! Beppi won her admiration and friendship when they performed Don Carlo together in Bordeaux many years ago.  And now she is able to honor him.  Marc’s talent and grace have fueled her own great success, both in opera and in life.

After appearing on NBC’s Today Show, Marc became known the world over as THE AMERICAN DIVA, gracing the cover of Opera Now as “Opera’s High Performance Soprano.” The New Yorker declared, “Hers is perhaps the richest, fullest, most beautiful big soprano voice.”

Alessandra Marc, has been hailed as the finest Princess Turandot of her generation, having performed the role on many of the acclaimed stages which have seen Giacomini perform, including New York’s Metropolitan Opera, La Scala in Milan, the Paris Opera, London’s Covent Garden, and Liceu in Barcelona.

Perhaps the outstanding dramatic soprano of our day, Andrew Porter of The New Yorker, called her, “an instrument of unsurpassed beauty and impact…. Perhaps the richest, fullest, most beautiful big soprano voice around.”  “You sing like birds fly,” declared actor Tom Hanks, echoing the impressions of Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo: “Such a voice,” they have said, “comes only once in a century and lifetime!”

Alessandra Marc has given command performances at the White House, as well as for Pope John Paul in Italy, for HRH Prince Rainier of Monaco, and many other heads of state and Royal families. Ms. Marc’s legendary gifts reach far beyond the confines of the music world alone, bringing together people in all walks of life at a time when the world has a desperate need for harmony!   I welcome the great Alessandra Marc to our gala concert and am looking forward to her honoring Beppi!!!!!   Thank you Alessandra!!!!


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