Kallen Esperian is an Honored Guest at the Giacomini Gala


The wonderful Kallen Esperian! A soprano whose career began when she was very young, in 1985 when she was a winner of the Pavarotti competition.

I had managed her for several years between 1998-2002. Kallen recently contacted me. She heard that I was presenting the Giacomini Gala. We had a nice talk full of memories. She is delighted that I was planning the Gala Рshe felt that Beppi was truly one of the most wonderful colleagues that she had ever worked with and that she felt indeed one of the greatest tenors EVER.

I can use some of the wording from her letter, but suffice it to say that Kallen was laudatory in her love and respect for Beppi. Her La Scala debut in 1994 was as Lusia Miller with Beppi as her tenor.

I have invited her to be one of the honored guests at the Giacomini Gala and look forward to her seeing and hugging Beppi for the first time in many years. Thrilling is not sufficient to describe the feelings that will show on this evening.

Kallen was truly one of the most beautiful sopranos of the 90s and earl 2000s with a voice that moved me to tears in her Desdemona that I saw in Bologna in 1996 and in many other performances around the world. A wonderful and special voice, and beautiful person. Brava Kallen!

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