Salome at The Metropolitan Opera

On December 5, 2016 at the Metropolitan Opera I was fortunate to get to see a wonderful performance of Salome (Gd I love the music!!! and the orchestra sounded so really rich and luscious). The cast was uniformly excellent, top to bottom. Pat Racette as Salome gave what I would call a performance of “totality” (and elicited a standing ovation) and Zeljko Lucic as Jochanan sounded splendid (actually the best that I have ever heard him–bravo!). My artist, Nancy Fabiola Herrera, made her role debut as Herodias in this performance. I am very proud of Nancita–she was wonderful and her top was exciting and beautiful!! A joy to experience a performance like this at the MET as I believe it should be. Bravi tutti!

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